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July 15, 2011

We’ve all come so far - from Let the magic begin to It all ends here, and now, it has finally been an entire year since the last installment of the series.

The memories from the final movie are still as strong as ever.. When the Trio broke into Gringotts; when Snape and Harry had their confrontation in the Great Hall; when Ron and Hermione went into the Chamber of Secrets and had their long-awaited kiss; when they watched Nagini attack Snape; when we sobbed during the Prince’s Tale and The Forest Again; when we received our last word of advice from Albus Dumbledore in King’s Cross; when Neville had his big moment; when the theater burst into applause when Molly Weasley defeated Bellatrix Lestrange; when The Boy Who Lived managed to finish off Voldemort; when the Trio stood on the bridge together alone for the very last time; and finally, when they watched their children board the Hogwarts Express nineteen years later, with Leaving Hogwarts brought back to accompany the scene.

These memories will stay with us forever and are a big part of who we are today.

Let the magic live on forever. To Harry Potter!

Oh god this post just got my emotions going! :(


it seriously couldn’t have ended a year ago holy shit my emotions crying omfg

my god… 

esto me deprime:(

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